Rate your site

Rate your site

Over 90% website visitors are not converted into customers

Many entrepreneurs and business leaders believe that the site is a technical tool only, and as long as the site works technically appropriately, then there is no problem with it, and they look for solutions to grow in other channels, but what if the main reason for the inability of your business to grow is your website itself?

The goal of any website is to increase your conversion rate

What is the conversion rate? The process of converting website visitors to potential customers by achieving a specific goal according to your business activity, whether this goal is:

Increasing purchase orders (e-commerce)

Increased subscription rate for services (SaaS)

Increase subscription rate to your mailing list

You cannot improve what you do not know

In this free test, you will be able to identify the most important weaknesses in your website. This evaluation will enable you to identify the points that weaken your conversion rate by evaluating:

  1. User experience
  2. Purchase or conversion path
  3. content effectiveness
  4. And more pivot points in the conversion process

What will you get?

  • Evaluate your website's conversion performance (No.)
  • Custom performance report
  • Resources to help you improve
  • The report introduces you to:  
  • Key performance improvement areas
  • Obstacles to success
  • Opportunities to increase your site's revenue

growth assessment It is completely free testing and it will only cost you to invest a few minutes to improve your site

* Upon completion, you will receive a report to evaluate the growth of your site