Free website conversion efficiency test

Free website conversion efficiency test

Personal data

It will take about 10 minutes to complete the Website Conversion Effectiveness test questions. Any information you provide is kept strictly confidential and is not used for any purpose other than the Octohbs account.

Please ensure that your website starts with http:// or https://

data usage

Tell us about the status of visits to the site
Which of the following indicators do you track on your site (choose all appropriate answers)
How often are the site's numbers and analyzes reviewed?
How often do site changes occur based on site analytics and indicators?
Tell us about your decision-making process when it comes to making a change to your website to improve results based on data:
We have site performance goals
Tell us how you organize and read your website data:
Tell us about your confidence in the accuracy of your data:

Customer acquisition

What is the reason why customers visit your site?
Do you know exactly who your ideal customer is? (buyer persona)
Tell us about the rate of natural visits to the site (unpaid visits)?
Do you know which marketing channel (SEO/PPC, emails, display ads, social media, etc.) brings in the most leads?
Tell us how much it costs to acquire a new customer:
Tell us about the return on investment (ROI) of digital marketing:
Tell us about the extent to which you use digital marketing channels?

Content quality

How to describe your home page content:
How would you describe the employment of your existing videos on product or service detail pages:
How to describe the content of your product or service description:
Our website features information about customer testimonials and how our products and services have benefited them:
How often is your website content updated?
Interested in optimizing and preparing your site for search engines?
How often does customer feedback lead to website content changes?
Do you conduct tests on the site's content types before final approval?
Is your content customer-centric (personalization)?

Conversion quality

Tell us about your conversion rate. Our conversion rate is...
Compared to the average conversion rate for your industry, what is your rate?
(Example: average conversion rate for personal care industry 20%)
How do you describe your site's responsiveness on modern devices?
(Is it possible to browse the site without any obstacles through smart phones)
How would you describe your impact and response to updates to the technologies and tools used to improve the user experience on your website:
Does your website contain directions and motivational phrases that make the customer ready to make a decision?
Are you constantly testing the effectiveness of your directives and calls to action (CTA)?
Tell us about on-site user experience testing:
Tell us about the effectiveness of browsing on your site (is there a clear customer journey?)

Customer retention rate

What is the conversion funnel abandonment rate?
(Abandoned cart rate, rate of users who did not complete the order)
Tell us about your customer lifetime value:
Tell us about your interaction with customers after conversion:
Is there interaction with the customer after purchase to obtain his opinion or experience with the product or service?
Is there a mechanism to encourage customers to repeat their purchase order again?
Tell us how you use customer feedback after purchase (conversion)?