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Support and guidance program for startups and entrepreneurs

Support and guidance program for startups and entrepreneurs

Octuhubs, a company specializing in growth marketing and company development programs, offers one of the best distinctive programs to support and guide startups and entrepreneurs.

This program is your way to grow and move forward in the success story of your company that you dreamed of. We have collected our extensive experience over 10 years in managing the growth and development of many companies and present it to you in this comprehensive program that was designed specifically to suit emerging companies that plan to enter the market and compete in it. Distinctively from the beginning, it also suits entrepreneurs who want to obtain continuous guidance from experts in establishing their companies and helping them in making correct and effective management decisions.

The expert Octuhubs team will be with you in all the thoughtful steps of success and will be the best supporter and guide for every member of your company or dreaming entrepreneur to achieve his goals.

Who can benefit from this program?

Start-up companies with no more than 5 employees.
Different entrepreneurs
What will you get when you subscribe to the program?
  • Study the company's current situation and analyze its aspirations.
  • Helping the company in drawing up its future structure and setting its goals for the coming period.
  • Helping the company increase the number of employees and selecting the most appropriate employees for the company's situation.
  • Draw a complete business strategy to be implemented.
  • Build a system of tasks and KPIs for each employee.
  • Develop and train work teams appropriately to accelerate the process of implementing strategies.
  • General monitoring and weekly meetings to analyze the progress of departments in implementing strategies.
  • A monthly meeting to monitor results and make the necessary adjustments to plans and strategies.

The Octohubs team will be with you to benefit from all the benefits of the program and achieve growth and appropriate return on investment to maintain the company’s growth and development.