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Support and guidance program for work teams and companies

Support and guidance program for work teams and companies

Octuhubs, a company specializing in growth marketing and company development programs, offers one of the best distinctive programs to support and guide work teams in medium and large companies.

This program is your way to grow and move forward in the success story of your company that you have been dreaming of. We have collected our extensive experience over 10 years in managing the growth and development of many companies and present it to you in this comprehensive program that is specially designed to suit every company that seeks to take a step forward and excel. in its own market and significantly increases its profits.

The expert Octuhubs team will be with you in all the studied steps of success and will be the best support and guide for all members and employees of the company, starting from the data entry employee to the CEO of the company.

Who can benefit from this program?

This comprehensive program is designed to suit companies that:

The number of its employees reaches 5 or more
Its marketing budget is not less than 2000$ per month
It is not new and is at least two years old
She has previous marketing experiences
Want to increase their sales
What will you get when you subscribe to the program?
  • A preliminary analysis of the company’s most important activities in the past period.
  • Study the reports of the company’s departments in the past period.
  • Compare reports with company goals and measure the progress of each department.
  • Identify the shortcomings that the departments suffered in the past period.
  • Develop solutions and strategies that must be followed to address deficiencies.
  • Develop and train work teams appropriately to accelerate the process of implementing strategies.
  • Establish a system of tasks and KPIs for each employee and department.
  • General monitoring and weekly meetings to analyze the progress of departments in implementing strategies.
  • A monthly meeting to monitor results and make the necessary adjustments to plans and strategies.

The Octohubs team will be with you to benefit from all the benefits of the program and achieve growth and appropriate return on investment to maintain the growth and development of the company.