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7 solutions that prevent visitors from abandoning their shopping cart (abandoned carts)

7 solutions that prevent visitors from abandoning their shopping cart (abandoned carts)

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Abandon cart

If you are the owner or manager of an online store, then abandoned baskets must be a major concern for you, as the percentage has reached Abandon cart  About 69.23% in various industries, some of these carts cannot be recovered and cannot be avoided and are the result of visitors who are just browsing or who are searching for information about the product to buy it from the store on the ground, but Absher, you can recover a large percentage of these carts and Reduce the number of abandoned baskets With a little effort.

In a previous article, we demystified The reasons why a visitor or potential customer abandons the shopping cart In this article, we will explain the tactics of converting abandoned carts into realized sales. 

Why do visitors abandon the shopping cart? 

Before delving into the tactics of converting abandoned carts into sales, it is good to understand why customers abandon their shopping cart. There are many reasons why users may abandon a product they added to their shopping cart, such as: 

  • Complexities of navigating the site 
  • Lack of clarity about the return policy
  • High shipping costs 
  • Undeclared taxes 
  • Complex or unreliable payment gateways
  • Ratings and customer comments
  • Exit due to dispersion outside the site

These are among the most prominent reasons that prompt users to abandon the shopping cart. After studying and understanding these reasons, what countermeasures will we take?

The solution to reduce the number of abandoned baskets: 

Complexities of navigating the site: 

Users today are less patient than in the past. If users cannot find what they are looking for quickly, they will certainly leave without completing the purchase process. 

The solution here must be to pay attention to the user experience, design a simple, easy-to-navigate website, divided into similar categories, and add a search bar that provides accurate results.

Mobile Compatibility The surge in mobile commerce requires a smart and adaptable interface to ensure an easy, streamlined and hassle-free customer journey. 

Clarity of return and exchange policies: 

A vague return policy can prevent visitors from completing purchases. Customers want to be confident that they can return products that do not meet their expectations.

Display your return policy clearly on product pages and during the checkout process, and provide a hassle-free return experience, perhaps with prepaid return shipping. This will inevitably reduce the number of abandoned carts.

High shipping costs: 

High shipping costs are often a reason for abandoning the cart and checking out, and when additional shipping fees are expensive, visitors may be tempted to avoid purchasing 

A product that has a cost More than buying locally, users may abandon their cart.

So what is the solution :

      • Offer competitive or free shipping options, with a minimum spend
      • Consider flat rate shipping or loyalty programs with shipping perks.
      • Be transparent about shipping costs from the beginning.

Undeclared taxes:

There's nothing more frustrating than seeing an unexpected tax or fee you're about to pay.

Be transparent. View all taxes and fees up front, or provide a calculator for users to estimate the total cost. This honest approach builds trust.

Complex or unreliable payment gateways: 

A complicated or unreliable payment process is the straw that breaks the camel's back and the reason why a potential customer does not complete the process. 

The solution is to invest in reliable, secure, and easy-to-use payment gateways. Providing multiple payment options, such as payment upon receipt 

Ratings and customer comments: 

 The lack of reviews on the site or the presence of a large number of negative reviews can raise doubts in the minds of potential buyers.

The solution is through: 

      • Making comments available to buyers on the site 
      • Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews.
      • Address negative comments transparently and quickly.
      • Display top-rated products prominently to build trust.

Leaving due to distraction outside the site: 

The biggest reason why visitors leave the site after solving all the previous problems may be due to external distractions, such as a phone call, social media notifications, etc.

Here comes the importance of retargetingReminder messages to customers With their abandoned carts as the most powerful weapon to reduce the number of abandoned carts 


Understanding and addressing barriers to completing a purchase is critical to success. By focusing on simplifying site navigation, ensuring transparency in return and pricing policies, improving the mobile experience, and cultivating trust and loyalty, businesses and online stores can significantly boost their sales and create a base. Loyal customers. 

If you are the owner of a small or medium store, you may not suffer greatly from these problems, but proactively addressing these weaknesses will enable you to pave the way to be at the forefront of major stores and gain the trust and loyalty of customers. 

If you are unable to identify the weak points of your website/online store, seek the help of experts at Octohubs to analyze your entire website Get everything you need to improve customer experience and increase sales.

Request a website analysis service now 



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