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5 Black Friday Marketing Strategies for 2023

5 Black Friday Marketing Strategies for 2023

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Black Friday discounts

Many retailers and businesses believe that this is the only way to promote offers White Friday (Black Friday) It is by lowering prices, advertising discounts, and attracting customers with attractive dealsBut it sure is Not so easy fThe market is full of competitors who are constantly developing and planning their strategies. It's like throwing fishing nets on the beach and waiting The fish come To you, no sane person can do that, the good hunter knows What to fish, where, and the right bait. 

In this article, we are going to explain to you the most important marketing strategies for Black Friday deals that will double your sales during

Holiday season and all year round.

What is White Friday or Black Friday? 

Black Friday or Black Friday is the last Friday in November following Thanksgiving

Its name goes back to the early days Sixties, in Philadelphia where the police launched the term Black Friday to describe

The chaos that results from the influx of large numbers of people from villages and suburbs to the city to shop for the festive season and then

This name has spread and been used in marketing and has become a season in which markets around the world are booming due to the amount of offers

And discounts, as stores compete to offer huge discounts on this day, and later the offers period was extended to

Monday, which is called Cyber ​​MondayAs for the term “White Friday”, it is a term used only in Arab countries.

Effective Marketing Strategies on Black Friday: 

Without a clear strategy andMarketing plan Court will waste your efforts in vain and waste a lot of money and time on

Random ads without achieving any significant revenue

Enhance your presence on social media platforms: 

Social media A powerful marketing tool that can significantly influence consumer purchasing decisions 

  • Start early by sharing valuable, educational and promotional content
  • I work to make the public excited about the products or services that you offer 
  • Be unique with your ads and think outside the box, the competition is strong and everyone is seeking to attract the audience's attention
  • Share the content customers create about your brand 
  • Use the hashtags for Black Friday Create an email marketing campaign: 

You can't imagine the effectiveness of email if done right, use your mailing list to deliver

Special offers for your customers or potential customers, and you can also offer discount cards For customers who did not perform an operation

Buy for a long time and remind them of you. 

Create an email marketing campaign:

You can't imagine Email effectiveness If done properly, use your mailing list to make offers

Distinguished to your customers or potential customers, you can also offer discount cards For customers who have not made a purchase for a long time

And remind them of you.

Direct selling on social media platforms:

People spend a lot of time browsing social networking sites and therefore it is very appropriate You use these platforms to sell directly where you can put the shopping mark on your product On instagram, facebook, direct selling also makes the conversion process easier and faster. 

Retargeting campaigns on Black Friday:

You can retarget by serving personalized ads to potential customers through cookies, in addition

You can retarget previous customers and abandoned carts by email or retarget customers

Ex and visitors to the site through the pixel. 

SEO for Black Friday: 

You must Search Engine Optimization Include keywords related to Black Friday offers, update page descriptions, and answer questions

Popular for this occasion that visitors search for frequently, and you must improve the user experience on the site

By making the purchasing process as easy as possible and reducing the steps as much as possible, Time and patience are often limited during the hectic weeks

Between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. If your visitors have to search for a long time in your store to find the best deals,

They get overwhelmed and leave your site without buying anything. 

Black Friday

Marketing Strategies for White Friday

Important tips you should pay attention to before Black Friday:

On Black Friday of the year 2020 he rose 47 million shoppers make a purchase from Shopify alone with an average shopping cart price of over $100

You too can achieve huge sales. All you need is an excellent marketing strategy to help you stand out from the crowd.

And pay attention to several things before the start of Black Friday. 

  • Start organizing your inventory and identifying discounts: 

You don't have to sacrifice profits or suffer a big loss to offer discounts. You can simply offer reasonable discounts for your most popular products

sells and encourages customers to purchase related items to increase cart value and thus increase profits

Old inventory that takes up space in your store at a discount draws customers to your store, for example: Advertise a discount

70% off on these products. 

  • Solve shipping and transportation problems:

With Black Friday approaching, we can expect an increase in demand for most products. So this can result

to Shipping problems Make sure your shipping companies are prepared to meet this increase in demand or contracted

With other shipping companies with temporary contracts. 

  • Check the performance of your online store before Black Friday: 

Increased traffic on your website or store can lead to technical problems that cause you to lose a lot

of customers or your site could be incompatible with search engines SEO so you don't get any traffic So should you

Make sure :

  1. The speed of your site (the conversion speed of the site should be 0 to 3 seconds) and every second you delay, you lose more conversions 
  2. Include SEO related keywords 
  3. Improve product descriptions and use sensory words to visualize how the item looks and feels to the customer.
  4. Make sure your store is compatible with mobile devices 78% Online shoppers use a mobile phone. 
  5. Show customer reviews on products as it is powerful social proof for those who visit your store for the first time.
  6. Ensure that the site is secure and that the payment methods are suitable for your target audience.  
  • Get started early with our Black Friday Deals: 

There is no specific time when you should start promoting your products or services, but it is preferable to start early A survey showed that shoppers start looking for Black Friday deals with Beginning November we recommend starting early so you can gain access to your target audience.

Black Friday Marketing Ideas to Increase Revenue: 

  • Create a sense of urgency

Terms like “now,” “today only,” “final sale,” or “last chance” are excellent examples of this. you may like

Included in lines Email subject  To increase the open rate

  • Show how much the customer saved on the purchase

Showing the real discounted amount makes the customer feel happy that he got a good offer and therefore pay it

To buy more other products, example: when you tell the customer they saved $50 when they bought an iPhone

This may push him to buy accessories for the phone with the same amount that he saved, at least.

  • View discounts for a bundle or bundle 

Case in point: Get a 40% discount when you purchase a hair care package.

  • Display the number of customers who have purchased the item on the product page 

  • Offer a discount card that buyers can use in the future 

  • Free shipping offered with a minimum order

This policy encourages customers to add more items to their cart to qualify for the promotion.

  • Show stock level when quantity is low 

Only 20 pieces left, this number encourages visitors to make a faster purchase decision 

  • Encourage buyers to spend more in exchange for an increased discount 

for example :

Buy $100 and get 10% discount

  Buy $200 and get 15% off 

Buy $500 and get 35% off

You can use Black Friday as an opportunity to increase customer acquisition as Black Friday happens before holiday season,

You can also use the opportunity to attract new customers to try your products or services for the first time The first is thus providing a service

Special for them to come back to you again.

We hope that we have provided you with useful information and inspiring ideas, to be part of your success You can communicate with us

And get your free consultation to develop your store and your sales growth.


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